Wim Samijn, Belgium & Thailand
Clinical Hypnotherapist

You can’t help but be in awe of the integrated curriculum offered by the warm and professional team at LCCH. I instantly signed up for the Hypnotherapy Certification Course and this has been a turning point in my life. At LCCH I found myself surrounded by true professionals in the field of therapy and enthusiast fellow students, many of whom became good friends. The courses are highly practical and interactive, providing you with real-world skills. Learning about change-work changes you in so many unexpected and delightful ways.

Dr Peter Looker, United Kingdom & Singapore
Professor & Clinical Hypnotherapist

I’m a professor in a university at Singapore. When I was doing my PhD, I was having a problem actually trying to finish my PhD. I tried clinical hypnosis and it was so helpful, I actually trained as a clinical hypnotherapist. It is very worth while..

Dr Roger Bühler, Switzerland & Malaysia
Clinical Hypnotherapist & Switzerland licensed Family Physician

I trained in Switzerland first and then advanced my skills through the LCCH Asia curriculum. I feel very happy for done this course, with so many techniques and scripts that can be use for many patients.

Dr. Annapurany, Malaysia
Pediatric Dentist and Hypnodontist, UiTM

I started out being a patient and then trained as a therapist. It works for me so it must work for others as well. It’s been really good for me in my career and especially in my life. I’m applying the techniques of hypnosis to my patients and am excited to include clinical hypnosis in dentistry.

Arpita Saluja, Australia
Clinical Hypnotherapist

This course unlocks the mysteries of how the mind works answering questions such as what is conscious and unconscious and how is it related to human interactions and behaviours. I have studied at both the UK and Asia centres and am now working as a clinical hypnotherapist in Australia.

Netalia Zerina Galea, Malaysia

This enjoyable course taught me the remarkable power of the human mind and body to heal, change, improve and transform. In essence, the course is insightful and inspiring.

Jack AW Chan, Thailand

My perception & experience are transformed within weeks. I realise the power of clinical hypnosis and that unnecessary behaviours that have been there for a long time can alter within seconds.

Basheera Hayati, Malaysia
Addiction Specialist

The experience of learning and practicing clinical hypnosis has been a joy! It feels as though I’m getting to how a whole new dimension to being human. I appreciate the experience so much.

Hani Elena Afiqah, Malaysia

The content of course is superb. I was really in bad trip before being introduced to Clinical Hypnotherapy. Initially I came here as patient and it has changed my life completely with full of positivity and happiness.

Dr John Bosco Lee, Singapore

LCCH course is demanding but absolutely rocks in its contents and quality of tutors. Highly recommended. Its value for my patients is especially apparent in decreasing the usage of medication (esp. benzodiazepines and sleeping pills).

Gayathri Muralidharan, Singapore
Clinical Hypnotherapist

LCCH Asia cleared all my doubts and gave me a powerful tool to help children and their parents too.

Wee Shu-Ee, Malaysia
DCHyp Practitioner

I’m really glad that I started the course in LCCH Asia because I was looking all sort of different courses out there and I felt this course is very structured and gives us a lot of resources. I love my classmates and I hope we grew together.

Sarah Owen, England, Europe & Asia
DCHyp Practitioner

This is profoundly empowering. I enjoy the fact that this medium is so gentle and subtle allowing the client to set the pace for their own healing process.

Dr Ristie Dermawan, Indonesia
Aesthetic Medicine Physician

The ambience was good, the lecturers were knowledgeable and skillful and presented topics in interesting ways, making me enjoying the class very much and convinced me that Hypnotherapy plays a big role to help people holistically to their health and medical problem.

Noelia Leite, United States of America
Marriage & Family Therapist

I was very excited by the LCCH Asia curriculum, which takes a modern dynamic approach to therapeutic practice and patient care. As a Marriage and Family Therapist clinical hypnosis is one of the most effective, and fastest, intervention to foster in-depth changes. It is the main interventions for overcoming conditions such as anxiety, depression and trauma.

Allya AR‎, Malaysia

Thank you to Dr. Sheila Menon for being so kind and generous to a friend of mine who’s suffering from depression. Considering the position and circumstances my friend is in, her generosity is very much appreciated. Unlike other therapists, she seems to actually care, so thank you.

Dr Anand Chandrasegaran, Malaysia

The Specialist Pain Module exceeded my expectations. The course addressed implementation and ethical concerns. The support has continued after I graduated and I truly appreciate LCCH’s sincerity in helping me.

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