Kindness at a Time of Trouble

A great many people have been affected by the COVID virus. This has lead to a global increase in patients who need help with anxiety disorders, stress and stress-related symptoms and relationship breakdown.

The LSCCH has launched a therapy centre designed to help people in this time of crisis. All therapists are graduates of the LCCH (Asia) and provide a wide range of expertise. 

The LSCCH Therapy Centre is launched in Malaysia, Singapore and the UK to provide a career pathway for our therapy graduates. They are here to help people who seeking support during these challenging time.

The LSCCH Therapy Services

Our goal is to provide affordable therapy to people in need. You will find a directory of therapists passionate about their work and dedicated to helping you. All therapy is offered virtually at this time and all our therapists are members of the British Society of Clinical Hypnosis.

Training Opportunities for People who Care

The impact of  COVID has highlighted the importance of psychotherapy and placed a value on mental healthcare. Clinical hypnotherapy is a safe effective psychotherapy which treats for a wide variety of symptoms and conditions.

LCCH Asia and LSCCH courses are designed to help people who want to make a difference. You will learn skills  that can help your family, build your own therapy practice and even begin a new career pathway.

Whether you are someone who wants to help others, a psychology graduate, or a healthcare professional looking for new skills, we have courses that will help you to help others.

I am looking for a clinical hypnotherapist

LSCCH Therapy centre offers an easy to navigate platform to find your clinical hypnotherapist. You can reach out directly when you click on “Looking for a therapist” There is a multi-level charging structure so that everyone can find the right support at a fee you can afford. You can find more about the fees when you click on “Therapy Fees”


Collaboration with Dr.Online

Virtual therapy is rapidly becoming the standard way to seek help. The LSCCH Therapy Centre is working in collaboration with Dr Online to provide therapists and their clients with a safe and confidential therapeutic space.


If you would like to chat with us

*Our therapists will get in touch with you within 3-4 working days
*Due to the current pandemic, all therapy sessions will be conducted online