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Positive Resolutions Centre – PRC – opens door for anyone that need therapy, a pair of listening ears, and a caring heart, everywhere. It brings together some of the most experienced therapists, practitioners and medical experts from UK, Malaysia, and Singapore, dedicated to offering professional hypnotherapy service and psychotherapy for people in need.


PRC is an international virtual therapy centre, established by London College of Clinical Hypnosis Asia (LCCH Asia) and London School of Clinical Communication and Hypnosis (LSCCH). Serves as an online mental health and holistic well-being platform, PRC strive to improve the quality of lives globally. It aims to help individuals and families overcome difficulties in their emotional, behavioural, social, physical and spiritual well-being.


And PRC goes further than a therapy centre. Distinguished as an international platform, PRC brings together a solid team of professional, certified, and caring hypnotherapists, psychologists, doctors, psychiatrists and psychotherapists with more than 200 years of collective experience. The therapists network covers UK, Singapore, Malaysia, and more countries and continents are in the pipeline. This distinction opens doors for anyone looking for therapy services when it comes to accessing the world’s best therapists and therapy services.


Multiple researches have shown that virtual therapy is a clinically effective, safe and comfortable way to discuss psychological issues and challenges. The age of digital transformation is unstoppable, the global pandemic of COVID-19 that caused lockdown in many countries around the world has strengthened the need to use technology and digital information. PRC strongly believe that virtual therapy is essential to meet the increasing volume of clients in need of treatment, via the limitless virtual world and driven by well-trained and registered veteran therapists, PRC provides people with the most feasible treatments.


With these and the belief of “Resolutions. Recover. Relive”, PRC stands out as an international virtual therapy centre that offers a therapy service few can, provides transformational experiences others can’t and delivers life-defining outcomes for people everywhere.

LCCH Virtual Therapy

Why Join us?

They are professionals.

Every therapist on PRC network are qualified hypnotherapists, therapists, doctors, counsellors and psychologists, delivering professional level of care, with 200 years of collective experience,

International and variety.

A variety of therapists to choose from various countries. A vibrant therapists’ network that consists of a mixture of ethnicity, language, culture, and diversity, ensure people from different backgrounds able to access to their preferred therapists.

It’s affordable.


One of the most affordable therapy rates that you can find. Availability of different tiers of therapists with different rates, provide options for you to choose from.

It’s private and convenient.

Help is available at the privacy of your own space. You will be able to connect with your therapist at a click of a button, anytime, anywhere.

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Feel free to enquiry and ask questions, contact details as shown below.



You’ll be selecting your preferred therapist. All therapists are professionally trained experts committed to helping you feel happier.



Whatever works for you works for us – video, voice or chat. At your preferred dates and times.



Hassle-free, private, and regular therapy continues until you have decided you have achieved your goals.


Make a booking now, and message your personal qualified therapist anytime, anywhere.

Start your journey towards happiness today.

How does it work?


Virtual therapy, also known as online therapy or e-therapy, is essentially a type of therapy that takes place over the internet. The basic version of this therapy only requires an internet connection and a video chat software or program, in this case for LCCH Therapy Centre, we are using doxy.me service which is a simple and secure tele-consultation software.

Other than that, the whole therapy session is the same as face-to-face therapy session. This offers flexibility to people with busy schedule, who find travel and traffic is troublesome or difficult, and who would like to attend a therapy session over their comfort place.

The effectiveness of virtual therapy really depends on your willingness to seek help and work with a therapist. In truth, you only get out of therapy what you are prepared to put in along with your therapist or coach. Online sessions can actually be more effective, convenient, stress free and economical as you don’t have to travel, or get stuck in traffic. Sessions can be arranged at a time to suit you in the comfort of your own home or chosen surroundings.

Clinical hypnotherapy can sometimes prove effective where symptoms have (previously) appeared intractable to other therapeutic approaches. This is because clinical hypnosis works on both the conscious and unconscious levels. Clinical hypnosis is effective with a wide range of conditions. Nonetheless, it is important to remember that clinical hypnotherapy is not a panacea for every illness nor for all patients. Some patients do prefer pharmacotherapy options, others may not be motivated to change. Clinical hypnotherapy is most effective when both the practitioner and the patient work together to achieve a common therapeutic goal or outcome.

A clinical hypnotherapy session is similar to a counselling or coaching session, with one difference. The therapist will use clinical hypnosis or a combination of clinical hypnosis and other psychotherapeutic tools during the session.

Each session lasts between one to one and a half hours. The first part involves getting to know the patient/client, establishing therapeutic goals and objectives and of course, explaining clinical hypnosis.

People already receiving treatment from a medical doctor may wish to inform their medical specialist that they are also visiting a clinical hypnotherapist. This is a sensible choice and clinical hypnotherapy is compatible with modern medical treatments. Your clinical hypnotherapist will never ask you to stop your medication or change your treatment plan. Only your doctor can do that.

Clinical hypnosis often begins with a formal induction or relaxation. You are always asked if you are ready to begin. The clinical hypnotherapist will generally ask you to close your eyes and take you into a state of deep relaxation.

The primary therapy is usually done during the state of hypnotic relaxation. But every stage of the therapy is important. You will also have the opportunity to play your part. Clinical hypnotherapy often includes fun types of homework, or activities, which are designed to bring the benefits from the therapy room into your everyday life.

Before waking you up, the clinical hypnotherapist will install suggestions that will help you stay motivated and help you accomplish your goals. This is called ego-strengthening. Most people wake up feeling very positive and rested.

Clinical hypnotherapy fees vary depending on the practitioner, their experience and many other things. Please ask about charges when you make the appointment. You are not usually asked to pay for sessions in advance. You should however be familiar with your therapist’s cancellation policy.

Some clinical hypnotherapy protocols, such as smoking cessation, require only one session. This type of therapy generally takes a little longer, and is often charged at a higher rate than multiple session therapy.

Family therapy or couples therapy is also usually charged at a different rate. Group therapy fees are generally shared between all the participants and can be an affordable way of managing long-term therapeutic support.

Therapy sessions can be weekly, twice a month or in fact, scheduled to accommodate any time interval that you and your therapist find appropriate for your situation.

How regularly you see your clinical hypnotherapist will be something you decide together. Initially, you may meet on a weekly basis, but depending on improvements and how you feel, you may choose to see your therapist more or less frequently. You can always discuss the frequency of your therapy sessions with your clinical hypnotherapist.

Typically, patients receive between 3 – 5 sessions for simple problems. However, each problem and every patient are unique so it will also depend on your own personal circumstances.

If you have specific constrains such as monetary, time or travel you should discuss these with your therapist.

Virtual therapy can be secure.  We will ask that the sessions be run from a room in which only you are present and that you are not in a public place or using a public network.  Sessions are not recorded and we ask that you don’t use a public network like from coffee shops or libraries.

Your virtual security and privacy are our biggest priority. Hence, PRC has prepared and chosen a simple, user friendly and secure software that complies with the security and privacy requirements of healthcare industry. Virtual therapy can be secure.

Most virtual therapy sessions nowadays only require you to have a stable and reliable internet connection, a video camera & microphone (the one already in your laptop or phone are is perfectly fine), and maybe a pair set of headphones or attached speakers (your choice) and the capacity to click on a link to join a meeting with your therapist. In the event internet connection gets spotty, our therapist will contact you over the telephone to troubleshoot.  Also, our therapist does have a plan for how to connect with you if the technology, simple as it is, fails to get you connected. However, chances are you will manage just fine. 9 times out of 10, it all works just fine after a very short and slight learning curve.

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