London College of Clinical Hypnosis


The London College of Clinical Hypnosis Asia (LCCH Asia) is devoted to excellence in the teaching, learning and practice of clinical hypnotherapy and related psychotherapies.

We welcome students and clinicians who are excited to investigate how clinical hypnosis can address some of the big issues of the 21st century.

LCCH Asia philosophy is that together we will and can make a difference to the people we care about, the patients/clients we serve and the community in which we live in.


The London College of Clinical Hypnosis or LCCH, was established in 1984, by the late Michael Joseph, a gifted and visionary clinical hypnotherapist. Many teaching institutions in the UK can trace their origins to encounters, collaborations or training with the LCCH.

The LCCH Asia was established in 2006 and has become synonymous with some of the highest clinical hypnotherapy training standards available in Asia.

Copy of Personalized workout routines will be created for you and will be monitored (2)


The LCCH Asia works in close collaboration with the LSCCH (“London School of Clinical Communication & Hypnosis”), offering an exciting combination of practical and online training programmes in clinical hypnosis and related psychotherapies.
The LSCCH is specifically designed for medical doctors and healthcare professionals to engage, learn and share the practice and benefits of clinical hypnosis.



Our commitment to attract and engage global minds in the pursuit of greater human understanding and better healthcare options led to the creation of our on-line learning platform.
All courses are delivered through a unique formula of classroom and online lectures.
• Classroom based learning is dynamic, informative and fun.
• The online learning portal allows students to engage at their own pace.
Video lectures can be revisited, the interactive delivery ensures maximum benefit and students have access to a wide range of international experts.



We envision clinical hypnotherapy as a common therapeutic practice in Asia and Europe, bringing comfort to people in pain and emotional distress, alleviating symptoms and conditions and helping many to reconnect with a sense of purpose and personal fulfillment.



We are pioneers in this field, dedicated to training world-class practitioners who can and will lead the way in clinical hypnotherapy.

To achieve this we are committed to creating and sustaining an unparalleled learning experience, which is intellectually, socially and personally transforming and designed to inculcate each student with the passion to heal and the integrity to serve with the highest diligence and duty of care.



Ethical Practice
Kaizen (Continuous Improvement)



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